Phil’s Secret Sauce complete summer line-up includes a fresh Chimichurri, Ranchygrette and a Caesar Dip

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Phil's Secret Sauces are incredibly versatile and will make any meal that much better.

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The chimichurri is the most delicious thing ive tasted in a while! Ive been eating it with eggs, chips, bread… even for breakfast. I cannot stop! Great job!

Rebecca M.

"I can no longer eat anything without the Chimichurri. Boycotting food until I get my hands on some"

Scott J.

Boy that stuff will make a flip flop tasty! 5 out of 5 stars

Fred (

"This stuff is addicting and likely needs a warning label."

Joe S. 

The Bolognese was seriously on par with a dish I had at Mustard’s in Napa a few weekends ago.  If I’d had homemade/fresh noodles it probably would have been the same if not better. I don’t mind ordering online too - just wanted to give credit where credit is due! 

Kim L.

"Money combo. Traditional Caesar salad. Bbq the chicken in advance with just some garlic salt. Chop chicken up and put it in pan w chimmichurri. Put over the salad. Awesome great combo, both were fantastic. His sauces are legit"

Andy R.

"I dare you to put a little of Phil’s chimichurri on some sourdough with smoked cheddar, sliced turkey and garden fresh tomatoes and throw that in your panini maker and see if you will ever have anything else for lunch again."

Scott J.