Chimichurri Recipes

These recipes and ideas came from lots of happy customers as well as my own kitchen. They are intended to highlight the many different ways you can enjoy Phil’s Secret Chimichurri beyond the traditional Argentine Asado.

Bon appetit!

Breakfast Recipes & Ideas

Omelet with Chimichurri - Drizzle chimichurri on top of an omelet or frittata. Great with breakfast potatoes.

Breakfast Sandwich - Chimichurri is an amazing condiment for your home made or store-bought favorite breakfast sandwich.

 Eggs Chimidict - Simply replace hollandaise with Chimichurri

Lunch Recipes

Chimichurri Marinated Chicken Caesar Salad - Marinade chicken breasts in Chimichurri. After grilling, slice and serve on top of a Caesar salad with Phil’s Secret Caesar of course.

Panini Sandwich - Instead of mayonnaise or aioli, use Chimichurri as your Panini spread. One favorite is using Comté cheese and Porchetta on your Ciabatta bread. Another idea came from a favorite customer. "I dare you to put a little of Phil’s chimichurri on some sourdough with smoked cheddar, sliced turkey and garden fresh tomatoes. Throw that in your panini maker and see if you will ever have anything else for lunch again!"

Appetizer Ideas & Recipes

Summer Sausage and Cheese Crackers - For a great snack, dabble a little chimichurri on a Triscuit or your favorite cracker with a slice of summer sausage and sharp cheddar cheese. Complement this by serving vegetables and the Caesar dressing as a dip.

Grilled Sausages and Chimichurri Dip - Grill your favorite sausages and slice. Serve with toothpicks and a bowl of Chimichurri.

Chimichurri Bruschetta - In a bowl, mix grilled corn kernels with sliced cherry tomatoes and julienned basil with some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Toast sliced sourdough bread and spread light layer of Chimichurri. Spoon the bruschetta mix and enjoy.

Dipping Sauce - Use your Chimichurri as a dipping sauce for grilled ciabatta or sliced baguette.

Dinner Recipes

Traditional Argentine Asado - This is pretty simple. Grill your favorite rib-eye, NY Strip, Flank or Tomahawk. Slice and serve with a simple salad, freshly baked bread, and of course, Chimichurri.

Grilled Salmon with Chimichurri and grilled Corn in the Husk - The key to this preparation is to lightly coat the salmon (making sure you don’t overpower the fish) with Chimichurri 30 minutes prior to grilling or broiling.

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes - Serve Chimichurri with your favorite meatloaf recipe.

ChimiPizza - Instead of pizza sauce, use chimichurri as a base layer to create an exhilarating taste to your pizza. Use comté cheese, broccoli rabe and porchetta.

Chimichurri Sautéed Shrimp - Use the chimichurri as a sauté sauce with Shrimp and serve on a bed of rice or pilaf.


Chimitacos - Make your taco Tuesday dance like a salsa party by using Chimichurri with your favorite recipe.

Wagyu burger with Chimichurri on Brioche Bun - Take this incredibly tasty burger to the next level with a simple layering of Chimichurri to enhance the deep flavors of the meat on a fresh grilled brioche.

Sautéed Brussel Sprouts with Chimichurri and Pancetta Slice brussell sprouts in half and sauté in a pan with chimichurri and pancetta or bacon pieces