Phil’s Secret Sauce launched in June 2020. The inspiration came from having to cancel an Argentine “Asado” my wife and I had donated due to Covid. I still delivered the promised jar of Chimichurri which I had been making for years and when I received high praise for this unique creation, I decided to launch a sauce business. The “Secret” in my business name comes from the secret ingredient in my first sauce and the inspiration for my sauces came from growing up in Italy and Argentina, as well as extensive travels and exposure to incredible flavors, sauces, ingredients, and taste combinations. Friends in high school affectionally called me the "Condiment King" so it was a natural progression to take that love and passion and continue the family tradition of creating innovative food products.

The recipes for my sauces were perfected during our shelter-in-place where I was able to try many renditions, changing the quantities and even ingredients until I finally landed on the secret sauce balance, and hence Phil’s Secret Sauce was born. To date I have sold 7,500+ jars direct to consumers both locally, nationwide and in stores. So, in many senses, this is still a passion project with the hope and desire to continue to scale and grow through distribution, farmers market partnerships, and word-of-mouth sales.

Thank you

Philip Pillsbury III